Guided Reading-Cut Apart Sentence

This is one of my Guided Reading groups working on a Cut Apart Sentence.
I love Cut Apart Sentences because so many reading and writing skills are addressed with this one lesson!  

First, I gave each student in the group a strip of paper with a sentence written on it.  We practiced reading the sentence being sure to point to each word as we said it, and we also counted the number of words in the sentence. 

I then cut apart the sentence so that each word was now on a small strip by itself and I mixed the words up for each student.  They then had to manipulate the words to put the sentence back together and read it to me to make sure it was in the correct order.

Next, they glued their sentence on a blank piece of paper...

...and copied in onto their paper, paying attention to correct letter formation and spacing.

Here are the finished products!
Guided Reading-Cut Apart Sentences