Snowman Measurement (Non-Standard Measurement)

Throughout the year, our door is decorated with a non-standard measurement strip in a different theme for each month. This month, the students are seeing how many snowmen tall they are.

Nonstandard Height Measurement with Snowmen

The students choose a partner and take turns measuring each other and then recording their height on the sheet next to the measuring strip.  The sheet has enough spaces for everyone in the class, plus a few extras and says, "_________ is _____ snowmen tall."
Nonstandard Height Measurement with Snowmen

 Of course practicing measuring is the main focus of this activity, but I love seeing the students working together to measure their friends!  They are so adorable!

Nonstandard Height Measurement with Snowmen

I have recently updated all of my height measurement strips with new clipart!
My winter strip now has gorgeous snowflakes.
Snowflake Non-Standard Height Measurement,

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