Sensory Bottles

I recently went a little crazy making sensory bottles! (Also known as discovery bottles.)  I remade some old bottles I had so they looked better in these bottles, and made some new ones too!  Once I got started, I just couldn't stop!  There were just so many good ideas out there!  
Sensory bottles are basically just clear bottles filled with any type of small objects that move around.  These bottles are entertaining for the students to move around, but they can also be calming for students who need a little break.

Sensory Bottles,

I made these seven bottles out of VOSS water bottles.  They can be found at any grocery store, or here, on Amazon  You could use any plastic bottles you have on hand, but I just love the smooth sides on these bottles, and how they look all together.  The labels on the VOSS bottles also peel off very easy without leaving behind a sticky residue, which is a huge timesaver!

 This is our new Valentine bottle.  I used Elmer's red glitter glue, warm water, and plastic hearts from The Dollar Tree.
Valentine Sensory Bottle,

 For our "hurricane in a bottle" I just used Softsoap, water and food coloring.  The idea for this one came from here. (It's hard to see in a picture, but looks really cool in person!)
Hurricane Sensory Bottle,

I'm not really sure what to call this bottle.  It's just interesting!  I got the idea from here.  I just used water beads and hair gel from The Dollar Tree, along with some lime green food coloring.  (I think this hair gel might have been a little too thick.  One that moves around a little more would probably work better.)
Water Bead Sensory Bottle,

This one was very easy to make and reminds me of the ocean because of the way the two liquids move with each other.  It just has water, baby oil and blue food coloring.  
Ocean Sensory Bottle,

I saw this one on Dr. Jean's website.  I know we aren't anywhere close to Halloween, but I just couldn't resist making it right now!  It is made with corn syrup, food coloring, and plastic spider and bat rings, with the ring part cut off.

Halloween Sensory Bottle,

The last two bottles in this picture are made with plastic beads and water.  I love how the pinwheel beads spin as they move through the water.
Sensory Bottles,

I also made these weather bottles that I've been seeing on Pinterest for a while.  There is a bottle for sunny, windy, snowy, rainy, and cloudy.  They are originally from here.  The bottles I used are from Hobby Lobby.
Weather Sensory Bottles,

These are so much fun to make and to watch the students use!  
I can't wait to make more! Time to drink some more water!

Do you have any great ideas for Sensory Bottles I need to make!?