Spring Rainbow Craft

I try to do a fun art project every Friday.  This past Friday I wasn't exactly sure what I wanted to make, but I knew I wanted something colorful we could hang from our ceiling, so I came up with this bright rainbow craft.  There's not much else more colorful than a rainbow!  I thought it would be perfect since we just finished learning about weather, and are now going into March and spring!   
Spring Rainbow Craft, www.justteachy.blogspot.com

I just quickly drew up a cloud pattern to fit on a 12" x 9" piece of construction paper, and a circle for the sun pattern.  Then I cut strips of yellow construction paper for the sun's rays, and we used strips of crepe paper for the rainbow.

A cute book to accompany this art project is Skyfire, by Frank Asch.  

Spring Rainbow Craft, www.justteachy.blogspot.com
I think the room looks so happy with all these rainbows hanging around!