One Week Down

Well, summer is over and so is the first week back in Kindergarten.   I really thought I would post a little over the summer, but I guess my lack of posts just proves I had an awesome summer.  I hope your summer was filled with as much fun as mine!

A few days before my final vacation of the summer, I went up to the school and this pile is what greeted me.

 I really just wanted to run away and not think about it, but I worked for a while, and it slowly started to look like my room again.

Every year, I spend a few hours just sitting and staring at my room rearranging it over and over again in my mind trying to come up with a new layout.  But this is pretty much what it always ends up looking like.  My projector is pointed to this back wall, so that's where I want to have our meeting space.  My student computers and teacher computer all have to also be plugged in to this wall, so there isn't much room for rearranging.

This School Bus activity is one we have been doing for the past 14 years, and I know it was done well before I started teaching!  This activity is so simple but provides so much information about each child.  The students trace a bus pattern, color it, add details, cut it out, and write "School is Fun".  With this one activity, we can quickly see who can follow directions, who needs help with fine motor skills, who can copy words onto their paper, who has never held a pair of scissors before, etc.