Learning Our Shapes

Our first math unit of the year is always two-dimensional shapes (along with colors).
Here are some of the books we read while learning our shapes.

When learning about circles, we make this circle collage.  I pass out the background paper, "circles" titles, and circle tracers.  The students then choose what colors they want for their circles, then use the tracers to trace and cut out their circles, then glue them down.

Here is my example.

Student Examples

For our triangle art, the students use tracers to trace triangles onto their paper, then color the triangles however they want.

For our rectangle art, we made Rectangle Cities.

As we studied each shape, we talked about things that are that shape and then made a chart for each.

Then at the end of our study, we made an anchor chart showing shapes we can draw.  Each student got to come up and draw one shape on our chart.

To review our colors and shapes, we used the pocket chart game, "Where's the Turtle?"  I hide the turtle card behind one of the shape cards.  Then call a student up and they use a pointer to point at one of the cards and name the color and shape.  They then look behind the card to see if the turtle is hiding there.  (I have the students use a pointer instead of just pointing with their finger because this seems to keep them from just coming up and grabbing a card before they say the name!)

You can grab a copy of this pocket chart game here.
shape game