Halloween Fun

Five Little Pumpkins
An all-time favorite chant for Halloween is "Five Little Pumpkins".  We read this book many times throughout October, and the kids never get tired of it!  I made pumpkin stick puppets so we could act out the story.  Five students get to come up and play the parts of the pumpkins. The pumpkins each say their own line for their corresponding pumpkin, and the audience says the other parts of the story.  At the end, when the pumpkins "roll out of sight",  the five students roll their stick puppets and walk off the "stage". 
5 Little Pumpkins, www.JustTeachy.blogspot.com

5 Little Pumpkins, www.JustTeachy.blogspot.com

"Stained Glass" Pumpkins
This art activity lets each child's personality come out and makes an adorable display!

All you need is:
*orange, black, and green tissue paper cut into small pieces
*wax paper
*Stay-Flo liquid starch
*paint brushes

Start by painting the liquid starch onto the wax paper, and lay down the orange tissue paper pieces forming the shape of a pumpkin.
Stained Glass Pumpkins, www.JustTeachy.blogspot.com

Be sure that all of the orange pieces are overlapping each other and there should be no holes.
Then add the black tissue paper to make the face, and the green to make the stem.
As you are laying down the tissue papers, you may need to paint on more liquid starch to make sure it sticks.  When the pumpkin is complete, add another layer of liquid starch to make sure all of the tissue paper is wet and sticking to the other pieces. (Be sure not to have puddles of liquid starch.  If it is too wet, it will not peel off the wax paper nicely.)

Stained Glass Pumpkins, www.JustTeachy.blogspot.com

Once the pumpkin has dried, carefully peel it off of the wax paper.

Stained Glass Pumpkins, www.JustTeachy.blogspot.com

I like to laminate our pumpkins to finish them off...

Stained Glass Pumpkins, www.JustTeachy.blogspot.com

...then hang them on a window to smile at everyone!
Stained Glass Pumpkins, www.JustTeachy.blogspot.com

 Yuck Soup
Yuck Soup, www.JustTeachy.blogspot.com

After reading the book, Yuck Soup, by Joy Cowley, we make Yuck Soup!  Actually, we just draw pictures of yucky things and add it to our paper cauldron.  The students also write a sentence to go with their picture.  They write, "In go some_______".

Yuck Soup, www.JustTeachy.blogspot.com

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