Planting Seeds and Reading Fairy Tales

Time to get a little dirty while learning about how plants grow!

After reading books about parts of plants and how plants grow, we of course had to plant our own seeds to witness this first hand.

First we added soil to our cups...
Planting Seeds

...then the kiddos planted two lima beans, two pinto beans, and some grass seeds in a clear plastic Solo cup. (I like to consolidate!)

Planting Seeds
The clear cups allow the kids to see the roots as the plants grow! (Which they think is really cool!)

We also watched this awesome video on YouTube to see how the lima beans would grow.

Since we were also learning about Fairy Tales, we read Jack and the Beanstalk and added the castle in the clouds to our plants.
Planting Seeds, Jack & the Beanstalk

When I saw this idea on Pinterest, I just had to add a huge beanstalk to the corner of our classroom!
Fairy Tales, Jack & the Beanstalk

Here's our anchor chart we made for our study of Fairy Tales.
Fairy Tales Anchor Chart