Cactus & Kindness

Over the past 14 years, I've only had two different themes for my classroom: jungle animals, and turtles.  I thought for my 15th year, it was time for a change!  This year I'm going with Cactus and Kindness.  Here are a few decorations around my classroom.

This year I really want to work on our classroom community, so Kindness is a natural choice!
Be the reason someone smiles today display
(These letters and paper fans are strategically placed to cover up large holes left in the wall when the wall mounted tv was removed a few years ago!)

Be Kind Display
I thought this would be a good reminder for everyone who enters our room!

I can't get enough of all the adorable cacti things!

Cactus Marker Board
Marker board from Target Dollar Spot

"Stick With Kindness" Cactus
"Stick With Kindness"

Free Hugs Shirt
My newest favorite shirt!

Basket Labels
New labels for our headphone and journal baskets

We Are One Sharp Bunch Display

Student work display
Student Work Display 
Each student will have their own cactus with their name written on it.
(There's a clothespin behind each cactus to hold a paper)


Random watercolor cacti all over the room!