We Are One Sharp Bunch & a Freebie!

A little while back, I showed some pictures of my new "cactus" themed classroom, and this was one of my displays.  
Sharp Bunch Cactus Display, www.justteachy.com

I went ahead and added this display to my Teachers Pay Teachers store so that you can also show off your "Sharp Bunch"!  You can display the words, "We Are One Sharp Bunch" by itself or around your student's work.  You can also have your students color and cut out the individual cacti to add to the display.

I printed the large cacti onto colored cardstock and painted on the details to add a little bit of texture.  I also made tissue paper flowers to attach to each cactus.  For the individual cacti, I just printed them on regular paper and the students got to color them however they wanted.  (I added my Kindergartener's names on the pots for them.)
Click here, or on the picture below to find it on Teachers Pay Teachers.
Sharp Bunch Cactus Display

Cactus Themed Positive Notes Home

All of my students have a behavior calendar in their Take Home Folder where I can write down any behaviors the student needs to work on.  But I think its always nice for the kids to have a personalized note they can take home and show off to everyone and hang on the refrigerator to show what an awesome job they are doing.  I know these notes make the students proud and want to continue doing a great job in the classroom! Click here or on the picture to grab your freebie!
Freebie, Cactus Themed Positive Notes Home, www.justteachy.com