Christmas Favorites

I know I might have said this before, but Christmas is my FAVORITE time of the year!!  Here are a few of the things I love doing during this time of year in our classroom.

This Fireplace
Classroom Fireplace,
This cardboard fireplace was passed down to me from one of my favorite coworkers before she retired.  I have no idea how old it is, but I'm just glad it still holds up year after year!  I love the ambiance it adds to our room!

Felt Candy Cane Mice

Candy Cane Mice,
My mom gave me the pattern for these adorable mice many years ago, and I've been making them for my students ever since.

Christmas Tree Counting Cards

Christmas Tree Counting Cards: Number Recognition, Counting, One-to-One Correspondence,
We've been working on number recognition, counting, and one-to-one correspondence with our Christmas Tree Counting Cards.  (You can grab these in my TpT store.) Students can use mini erasers, beads, pom poms, buttons, or any other small manipulatives to place on the trees.
Christmas Tree Counting Cards, number recognition, number order, Counting, One-to-One Correspondence,

 Gingerbread Men (or Women) Ornaments

Gingerbread Men Ornaments, Gingerbread Men Ornaments,
Each year we make these gingerbread men ornaments as part of our parent gifts.  I, or a lovely assistant, cuts the gingerbread man shapes out of poster board.  If we have brown poster board we'll use that, but if not, we use white and the students color them brown.  Then they add googly eyes, beans, and ric rac for all the details.

Christmas Themed Pictures for the Light Table

Light Table Activities:Numbers, Shapes, Seasons, Letters, CVC Words,

Light Table Activities:Numbers, Shapes, Seasons, Letters, CVC Words,
This year, I added some themed pictures to my Light Table Activities Packet.  These are a couple of the Christmas themed pictures that I added.  The students use the glass stones to fill in the pictures.

Light Table Activities

Christmas Lightbulb Letters 

Christmas Lightbulb letters: alphabetical order, sight words,
The kiddos have been having so much fun putting the alphabet in order with these lightbulbs!  They can also make sight words or spell their names.  
I hung some green yarn on the whiteboard to act like the wire for the lightbulbs and each lightbulb has a magnet on the back so it will stick to the whiteboard.  If you don't have a magnetic board, you can always hang some yarn or string anywhere else and use small clothespins to clip the lightbulbs to it.
(These lightbulb letters can be found in my Teachers Pay Teachers store.)
Christmas Lightbulb letters: alphabetical order, sight words,

Christmas Sensory Tub

Christmas Sensory Tub,
Each month I add a new sensory tub to our Fine Motor Center. So of course this month's tub has a Christmas theme! (I have these tubs in the fine motor center because I always add tweezers, tongs, and scoopers to manipulate the items.)