Exploring Magnets

Science is always a favorite subject for students.  I mean, who wouldn't love a great hands-on Science experiment?!  But I love watching the amazement on their faces when they are exploring magnets!  I think the two biggest allures of magnets is that they are something students can manipulate and explore without a lot of teacher guidance, and how magical they seem.  The squeals of delight when a student figures out how to repel one magnet with another, never gets old.  

When I first introduce magnets, I like to set out a tray of different types of magnets in the Science Center for the kiddos to freely explore.  I'll also add different types of objects they can test to see if they are magnetic or not.  
Magnet Mazes and Pathways to Explore Magnets

I created some Magnet Mazes for the students to put in our Science Center so students can continue exploring magnets. 
Magnet Mazes to Explore Magnets

The students use a magnet underneath the maze to manipulate another magnet, or magnetic object, on top through the maze.

Magnet Mazes to Explore Magnets

Magnet Mazes to Explore Magnets

After using these mazes for a few years, I started thinking it would look so cute if the mazes were roads, and you could drive little vehicles through the mazes!  So I made these new Construction Themed Magnet Mazes! (To make the vehicles magnetic, just tape a paper clip to the back!)
Construction Themed Magnet Mazes to Explore Magnets

I also made this fun winter themed set!
Winter Themed Magnet Mazes to Explore Magnets

And this spring themed set!

I like to use these magnetic wands on the underside of the mazes.
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Magnetic Wands

I have also found that magnetic bingo chips work well on top of the mazes.
These are also available on Amazon.
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magnetic bingo chips

Magnet Mazes Science Activity 
Winter Themed Magnet Mazes to Explore MagnetsSpring Themed Magnet Mazes to Explore Magnets

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Magnet Mazes to Explore Magnets