Living & Nonliving

Our Living & Nonliving unit will be coming up soon, and I wanted a few new things to use with my class this year. 
I had a pocket chart sort that was made quite a few years ago, but most of the pictures were of cartoon-like objects, people or animals.  I wanted a new one with real-life photographs that would be easier for the students differentiate between living or nonliving.
Living & Nonliving Pocket Chart Sort,

In our Science center, I have this sorting mat for the students to sort different 3-dimensional objects.
Living & Nonliving Sorting Mat,

We search through magazines to find living and nonliving items to add to our Science journals...
Living & Nonliving Science Journal Labels,

 ...and write about what living things need to live.
Living & Nonliving Science Journal Labels,

I also created this cute little Emergent Reader.
Living & Nonliving Emergent Reader,

There are 3 pages of living items, 3 pages of nonliving items, and 2 pages with a fill in the blank sentence for either living or nonliving.
Living & Nonliving Emergent Reader,

All of these activities and more are available in this "Living & Nonliving Mini Unit" on Teachers Pay Teachers.
Living & Nonliving Mini Unit,

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