Visual Discrimination: One of the most important skills in early childhood

One of the biggest skills that I believe Pre-K and Kindergarten students can benefit from the most is Visual Discrimination.

Visual discrimination skills enable children to be able to identify color, shape, size, orientation, and position, and are vital in the success of our students.
These skills not only help with reading and writing, but also with social interactions such as reading facial expressions and body language.

Paying attention to detail is an important part of developing good visual discrimination skills.  So I created a few activities to use in my classroom, to work on this.

In this Popsicle Stick Design activity, students will need to pay attention to the color, orientation and position of the popsicle sticks on the cards to be able to recreate the design with real popsicle sticks.

With the Poms & Cups activity, students are looking at picture of a cup filled with different colored poms and having to recreate what they see using the real poms and cups.  I like to also add some tongs or tweezers for the students to use to transfer the poms, so they are also working on those fine motor skills!


 This next activity might be a good test of patience for little ones! (Hint: Make sure your dice have nice, flat sides for easier stacking!) 
In the Stacking Dice activity, students look at the pattern of dice on the card and then recreate by stacking the real dice. 

If stacking the dice proves too difficult, the students can always just lay the dice in a line beside the card. :)

In the Poms on Grids activity, students will select a small grid card and recreate the pattern on the larger grid using poms.  You can provide tongs so your students can also work on fine motor skills.  I like to provide a tray or cookie sheet for the students to work on so it keeps everything contained and neat. :)

Grid Patterns is similar to Poms on Grids, but this time the students are using cubes and both grids are on the same card.  Students will copy the pattern from the grid on the left onto the grid on the right side.

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 visual-discrimination-popsicle-stick-designs   visual-discrimination-poms-in-cups
visual-discrimination-stacking-dice      visual-discrimination-poms-on-grids

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Visual Discrimination Activities

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