Measurement (Length, Height, and Weight)

This past week we completed our unit on measurement. The kids had so much fun learning about all the different types of measurement, and there were a few who would even keep their supplies on their table organized by length afterwards!

Comparing and Measuring Length

We started out learning about length.  I gathered 20 different items from around our room so each student would have an item.  We talked about putting the items in order by length, and how to know if one item was shorter or longer than another.  I laid these three items out and we decided that it was hard to tell since they weren't lined up next to each other, or starting at the same point.
Measuring length with classroom objects

So we found a nice line in our room to line the items up against.  The kids then each took a turn bringing up their item and deciding where it needed to go.
Comparing length with classroom objects

Here's all of our items lined up in order from shortest to longest.
Comparing length with classroom objects

We also traced our feet and cut them out, then measured them with uni-fix cubes.
Measuring Length

Then the cut-out feet and strip of paper that says, "My foot is ___ cubes long" were added to their Math journals.
Measuring our Feet with Cubes

(This is one of the students who keeps lining up all of her things by length!)
Comparing Length

The next day we read Inch by Inch, by Leo Lionni and completed some "wormy" measurements!
Learning about length with the book, Inch By Inch

Each student measured their own gummy worm with cubes, stretched it and measured it again, then took two bites and measured it again! (And then of course ate the whole thing! YUM!)
Measuring length with gummy worms

Measuring length with gummy worms

They then each created their own "Wiggly Worms" and we lined them up by length on our big poster.
Measuring length with worms

Comparing and Measuring Height

Next, we learned about height, which I introduced by reading Big Dog...Little Dog, by P.D. Eastman.
Learning about measurement with the book, Big Dog Little Dog

All the kids then walked around room finding things they were taller than and then shorter than.
Comparing height around the classroom

This cutie noticed that he was shorter than me!
Comparing height around the classroom

Non-Standard Measurement Height Strips

Throughout the year, we also always have a height strip on our classroom door.  Each strip is themed for the time of year, and the students are able to measure their height using non-standard units of measure.  They can also help their friends  measure themselves.  After they see how tall they are, they write it on the recording sheet and can compare their heights.

Below are our turkey and snowflake height strips.
nonstandard measurement with turkey height stripnonstandard measurement with snowflake height strip

You can check out all of these height strips here, on Teachers Pay Teachers.
Non-standard Measurement Height Strips

Comparing Weight

We then learned about weight and used a balance scale to compare the weights of different items in the classroom.  The students looked through magazines to choose two pictures to cut, and decide which would be the heaviest and which would be the lightest.
Cutting pictures out of magazines to compare weight

Then they glued the pictures onto this paper of a balance scale from Tiffany at KTeacher Tiff.  Thanks for sharing!
Comparing weight with pictures cut out of magazines

 And thanks to Kindergarten Kindergarten for a few of the other measurement ideas!

Check out these great books on measurement!

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