Where's Cupid? (Valentine CVC Game)

I have a few of these "Where's ____?" games and plan on making more because my kids just can't get enough of them!  Such an easy and fun way to review different skills.  This Valentine version is called "Where's Cupid?" and reviews reading CVC words. 

Each heart card has different CVC word written on it.  We put all the cards in our pocket chart, then I hide the smaller Cupid card behind one of the heart cards.  The kids take turns coming up and reading the word on one of the cards.  After they read the word correctly, they get to pull it out and see if Cupid is hiding behind it!  If he's not there, it's the next student's turn.  

I have the students use a pointer to point at the word as they read it because it keeps them from just walking up and pulling out the card before they have read it!

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