Teaching colors is always fun for me and the kids!  We sing the color songs from Frog Street Press, wear the "Color of the Day", and here are a few of the books we read throughout our two week study of colors.

This Bakery Shop song is an all-time favorite.  The kids beg to play it anytime we have a few free minutes.  We lay the 10 donuts in the middle of our circle, then sing the song inserting the number of donuts, a child's name and the color they should take.  This simple game reviews colors, counting, and one less.

These donuts were made from construction paper and used in my classroom for the past  few years, (You can tell how loved they are!)

Bakery Shop Song, Learning Colors
These donuts are made from craft foam and have only been used at my house by my son and daughter.  

If you would rather just print out and color the donuts, I have a blackline copy of the donuts and poem here.

Here is a video of our class singing the song.

The students and I just love this Circle Time activity. (The idea and retelling pieces came from My Montessori Journey) After reading the book, Dog's Colorful Day, by Emma Dodd, we use these pieces to retell the story together. (This activity will be added to our Story Retelling Center later.)  Dog is cut out of white craft foam and his "dots" are pom poms.  
Dog's Colorful Day, Story Retelling