It's County Fair Time!  So that means it's time to study farms!

We start by reading fiction and non-fiction farm books about different animals that live on the farm.  (Mrs. Wishy-Washy is our favorite!)

We make an Interactive Writing chart listing animals who live on a farm.  As the students are coming up and writing on the large chart, the other students are sitting on the floor with clipboards so they can write the same thing on their own papers.

Farm Interactive Writing,


I added our Farm Sensory Tub to our centers this week.  This tub has plastic farm animals, a plastic tractor, pinto beans, measuring spoons to use as scoopers, and Farm Animal Nomenclature cards I printed from Montessori For Everyone.

Farm Sensory Tub,

We use this Farm Vocabulary Match and Write activity to practice writing farm words.  Many Kindergarteners cannot read these words, but this activity gets the kids to notice letters in words and that the order of the letters matters when trying to read words.

You can get a copy of my Farm Vocabulary Match and Write here.