Alphabet Board Games

As part of my Guided Reading instruction, I have started using these Alphabet Board Games.  Two of my groups of students are still working on learning their letter names and the sounds they make.  I am introducing one letter at a time with them, and on one day we will do many activities working on the specific letter.  On the next day, we use the board game as a review of the letter. 

The student rolls the dice and moves that many spaces.  When they land on either the upper or lowercase letter, they tell me the name of the letter and the sound that it makes.  Depending on the level of the group, I am also having them produce a word that begins with that letter.
Alphabet Board Games,

I made board games with just one letter on it represented in uppercase and lowercase.  These are great for students who are still struggling with letter identification.
Alphabet Board Games,

 I also made one board game with just the vowels, one with only uppercase letters, one with only lowercase letters, and one with mixed upper and lowercase letters. These would be great for students who can identify most of their letters, and just need more review.
Alphabet Board Games,

When I printed mine, I used different colored cardstock to easily distinguish between the different board games.
I used yellow for the “individual letter” board games.
I used a different color each for the “lowercase alphabet”, “uppercase alphabet”, “mixed upper and lowercase”, and “vowels only” board games.

These board games are available on Teachers Pay Teachers.

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