Happy Thanksgiving!

 Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!

Here are just a few of the things we're doing these few weeks leading up to Thanksgiving.

Timmy the Turkey File Folder Story from Dr. Jean. (You can find the words to this story here.)
Timmy the Turkey Story
To make the file folder story, I found turkey clipart and glued the body to the cover of the folder.
The "tail feather" section of the cover picture is cut out to make a window so you can see inside.  Inside the folder, you place the six different colored sheets of construction paper mentioned in the story.  As you read the story, you remove each piece of construction paper to reveal the new color.  The kiddos are always so amazed and think I'm magic! 


Thanksgiving Sight Word Board Game
Sight Word Board Game

Turkey Art
Sometimes in the Art center, I will give the students patterns to trace, but sometimes I like to just give them the paper they will need, and see what they come up with!  
This week in the Art center, we are making turkeys!

I have an example out on display just so they can remember what they are making.
Turkey Art

 On the Art table, I have a basket of brown construction paper, and a basket of red, orange, and yellow construction paper.
Turkey Art

 The students make their own turkey bodies and feathers, and add the other details.  They may not be perfect, but they sure are adorable!!
Turkey Art

 Thanksgiving Memory Game
This was simply made by di-cutting turkeys and adding stickers.
Thanksgiving Memory

Gobble, Gobble
For this game, I ran off, and cut out, turkeys.  Then I wrote sight words and color words on the blank sides.  There are about five of the turkeys that have "gobble, gobble, gobble" written on them.  The students take turns turning over cards and reading what is written.  As long as they read the card correctly, they get to keep going.  If they don't know a word, or they get the "gobble, gobble, gobble" card, their turn is over.
Gobble Gobble Sight Word Game

Here are few of my Thanksgiving resources available on Teachers pay Teachers that you might find helpful! (click on picture to be taken to TPT)
Thanksgiving Write Around the Room Differentiated Sight Word SentencesThanksgiving ABC OrderThanksgiving Vocabulary Match & Write

Thanksgiving Writing Center