Valentine Bottle and Sensory Tub

Happy (almost) Valentine's Day! 
Here are two simple sensory ideas you can add to your Literacy Centers for a little bit of Valentiney fun!

Valentine Word Bottle

Students give the bottle a shake to reveal the words written on hearts and then write the words on the recording sheet.  On papers like this, if the students are ready, I usually have them turn the paper over and write a sentence using one of the words from the front.
To make this activity, I wrote "Valentine" words on hearts I cut from craft foam. (Words like: sweet, candy, be mine, Valentine, etc.) But you could Sight Words if you choose.
Then I added curled ribbon, confetti, and colored beads.  
Once the bottle is made, all you have to do is print out the FREE recording sheet and you have a super simple activity for your students to complete in Literacy Centers.
Valentine Sight Word Bottle
 You can grab a FREE copy of this recording page on Teachers Pay Teachers, here!
Valentine Sight Word Bottle

Valentine Sensory Tub

 I have updated my Valentine Sensory Tub since I posted about it last year.  For this year, I wrote words on foam hearts that the students use to make sentences. 
Valentine Sensory Tub
Included in this sensory tub are:
wooden "cookie" hearts
puffy hearts
Poms-red, white, and sparkly pink
rose petals
heart shaped ice tray
felt roses
pattern cards with rubber manipulatives
foam hearts to make sentences

Hope you have an amazing Valentine's Day!