Winter Excitement!

Well winter isn't actually extremely exciting here is Texas, so my title is a little facetious.  Unless you're counting 40 degree weather one day, followed by 80 degree weather the next! We don't see much snow around here, but it's still fun to learn about everything that winter involves!

Winter Sensory Tub

Each season I try to put out a new sensory tub for the kids to explore.  There are no directions, just free exploration!

Winter Sensory Tub
 It contains:
blue & white pom poms(some are sparkly!)
felt snowflakes
plastic ice cubes
corncob pipe

Winter Sensory Bottle

The picture doesn't do this bottle justice!  There are tiny plastic white snowflakes and white glitter in this bottle that look gorgeous floating around like snow!
Winter Sensory Bottle

Winter Ten Frame Count Around the Room

We use this ten frame activity to practice numbers 10-20.  I hang the ten frames around the room, then the kids grab a clipboard, and find each card.  They then see how many items are on each card and write it on their recording sheet.
Winter Ten Frame Count Around the Room

Winter Ten Frame Count Around the Room

You can get a copy on Teachers Pay Teachers.
Winter Ten Frame Count Around the Room,

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Winter Vocabulary Match & Write,

You can see our adorable Hibernating Bears from last year here.
Hibernating Teddy Bears

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Snowman Measuring Strip