Shout Out to Awesome Free Products!

Who doesn't love FREE!  Free is awesome and it's even better when the free item is an amazing product that my Kinders enjoy learning with.  Here are two great items that we have been enjoying lately.

Race to the Pond
This is an adorable board game for the kids to practice reading CVC words.  You can find it here, at  She has 15 game boards to choose from so you can concentrate on one vowel at a time, or a combination of vowels.

Subtraction Smash
This fun subtraction game comes from  We used this version as a whole group activity.  Each student had their own mat and divided their ball of Play-doh into six smaller balls.  I rolled a die and we smashed that many balls, then stated the subtraction sentence we were demonstrating. This was just about as much fun as you can have learning subtraction!