Silent E Activities

After working so hard on learning the sounds all the letters make, and blending those sounds to read short vowel words, my students always love getting to practice reading words with long vowel sounds.  You may call it Silent e, Sneaky e, Bossy e, or Magic e, but no matter what you call it, the students love learning about it!

This Silent e Word Maker helps us practice reading short vowel words and then the students can easily see how adding the 'e' to the end of the word changes the way we say the word, and the meaning. 

Silent e Word Maker

I also have an individual sheet that the students can take home to practice with their families.
Individual Silent e Word Maker

These Silent e Flip Cards are another way to practice reading the short vowel word and then revealing the 'e' to read it with the long vowel sound.  I like to use these whole group and I simply hold the card with the 'e' folded backwards while we read the first word, then reveal the 'e' to read the new word.
Silent e Flip Cards

We also complete independent worksheets so the students can show what they know.
Silent e Worksheets

These Silent e Super Reader Fluency Boards are another fun way to practice reading these words.  Students take turns rolling a die and then reading the corresponding row of words.  These are great for tutoring groups, small group reading, or in Literacy Centers.
Silent e Fluency Boards

And the activity that I think is the most fun and is always a class favorite, is "Where's the Unicorn?"
This fun pocket chart game will have your students begging to read silent e words so they can see where the unicorn is hiding!
Silent e pocket chart game
To play, all you need to do is place all of the rainbow cards in a pocket chart and hide the unicorn behind one of them. (Or you can use less cards if you choose.) Students take turns coming up and reading a word on a card.  After they have correctly read the word, remove the card to see if the unicorn is hiding behind it.  If the unicorn is not there, it's another student's turn.  Keep playing until the unicorn has been found!

Each of the activities above can be found in my Teachers Pay Teachers store, here!

But I also have a FREEBIE for you!
 I made this little board game to help my Kinders practice reading silent e words.  All they have to do is roll the die, move that many spaces, and read the CVC word & silent e work on their space.  The first person to the Finish is the winner!
Silent e Board Game Freebie

If you'd like a FREE copy of this board game, click on the picture, or click here!