Easy Classroom Christmas Party Games and Activities

 Friday was our last day of school before Christmas Break and our Christmas party day!  The students were so excited and it's all they could talk about the whole week leading up to it.  

After the students ate, I had different stations of games and activities for them to do.

Party Games - Snowman Cups Game
Students threw snowballs at at snowmen cups to knock them over.  (I found these snowballs at Hobby Lobby. They really have a realistic feel to them, minus the cold!) 

Party Games - Coal Toss
We tossed coal(black construction paper) into cups.

Party Games - Snowball Toss
Another "tossing" game!  We tossed these large pom pom snowballs into the snowman's mouth.  I just painted him on a large piece of foam board, and cut out the mouth.

Party Games - Hooking Candy Canes
Hooking candy canes and placing them onto the edge of the bucket.

Party Games - Felt Gingerbread Man & Snowman
I found this large felt snowman & gingerbread man at Dollar Tree.  The students could decorate and redecorate them over and over again.

Party Games - Christmas Card Puzzles
I cut up some old Christmas cards to make puzzles.

Party Games - Candy Cane Ornament
And this one is always a favorite ornament to make every year!  I cut a pipe cleaner in half then we bead the tri-beads onto it.  Be sure to bend the ends so the beads don't all off!  Then just bend the pipe cleaner to look like a candy cane.