How to Use Quick Images to Help Develop Number Sense

Quick Images are a great way to build spatial reasoning, increase memory, and work on subitizing & number sense skills.  This fun activity is great to do whole group or in small Guided Math groups. And the best part is that it's super low-prep!

How to Use Quick Images

*To do this activity, each child needs a set of manipulatives. (They could be cubes, buttons, rocks, mini erasers, etc.) 
*You will show the students an image of dots for a couple of seconds while they study it.  
*Then, remove the card while students recreate the dot image on their desks with their manipulatives, from memory. 
*You will then show the card again so they can check their work.  
*This is a great time for some Math Talk too!  You can ask the students what pattern they saw, how they knew how many dots there were, etc.

When I first introduce this to my students, I like to use the "dots on ten frames" so it's a little easier for them to see the patterns and location of the dots.  
Quick Images on Ten Frame for Number Sense

After they get the hang of it, we move on to the dot images that aren't in frames. 
Quick Images for Number Sense

When using this with your whole class you might want to display the images through your projector. You could place the cards under a document camera, or I have these available in Powerpoint form to easily display.  

Projectable Quick Images for Number Sense

If you'd like a set of these Quick Image cards for your own classroom, check them out in my Teachers Pay Teachers store!
Quick Images for Kindergarten

**What's Included**

Digital Version:

*Detailed Teacher Instructions

*Powerpoint of 30 images of Dots on Ten Frames and 30 Dot Images without frames

Printable Version:
*Detailed Teacher Instructions

*Printable ten frames (for student use)

*30 images of Dots on Ten Frames and 30 Dot Images without frames

(You get both the digital & printable versions in this download.)


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